Who Defines AI's Future? The Role of Harmful AI Narratives

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About the video

In this talk, Emma Kallina and Malak Sadek discuss their piece published in <AI & Equality>’s first Community Publication, titled “Who Defines AI’s Future? The Role of Harmful AI Narratives”, focusing on how harmful narratives come to exist, their implications, and how to move forward in re-defining AI narratives.”

About the authors

Emma Kallina is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on democratising the AI development process through improved stakeholder involvement along the entire lifecycle of AI systems. She believes that everyone who will be impacted by a system should have a say in how it is created.

Malak Sadek is a Design Engineering PhD student at Imperial College London. Her work lies at the intersection of AI and design. Specifically, she’s interested in creating tools that help collaboratively designing conversational AI that respects stakeholders’ values. The aim is to work towards ensuring AI-based systems are better aligned with the values of those involved in making and using them.

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