Join us in building a multi-disciplinary community of students, academics, data scientists and AI practitioners who believe in the responsibility of technology creators to prioritize the human rights principles.

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We are creating a community of data scientists, social scientists, machine learning experts, economists, engineers, legal scholars, philosophers, medical practitioners, anthropologists, climate scientists, human rights experts, media theorists, inclusion experts, autodidacts, community activists, designers, builders, policy makers and more from around the globe –all devoted to human rights-based approaches in AI.

We are building and growing an online community via the community platform Circle. This platform facilitates our live events, such as our #Monthly Reading Group or #Coding Office Hours, and facilitates asynchronous conversations such as #What We Are Talking About This Month and #Jupyter Notebooks Q&A.



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The community is open to everyone and has something for everyone interested in understanding how we “shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us” (→Marshall McLuhan)

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We are committed to advancing human rights-based approaches in AI & encourage anyone interested in learning more from a global perspective to explore and contribute to our community!