AI and Equality

AI & Equality

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Through our multidisciplinary community and innovative online course, we are committed to breaking norms and pursuing a human-rights-centric approach to AI. 

Real world inequalities are reproduced within algorithms and flow back into the real world.

We believe that creators of technology have a responsibility to use that tech to serve the public good and mitigate invisible harms. That’s why equity and inclusion are at the core of the AI & Equality Toolbox’s mission. 

Together, we can create an environment where people from all walks of life can share experiences and visions for a more inclusive, data-driven world. 

We’re committed to creating a global community that brings together individuals passionate about inclusive, human rights-based AI.

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What we do

→ An open community dedicated to providing the space to meet and collaborate with other like-minded humans from around the world.

Interactive online course available in the community page and with the Sorbonne Education Platform, with free access for all.

Workshops offered to multi-disciplinary cohorts of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, AI practitioners, and early stage Data Scientists in the field.

Introductory Jupyter Notebook.

Library of new and curated resources for learnings about foundational and contemporary Human Rights & AI work.

Community Journal: Revisions of Now & Future II

We are currently accepting submissions for our second community publication which asks the question: How might we re-imagine the world we deserve to live in as we move into an AI future? Written work in the form of blog posts, think pieces, articles, and academic essays are accepted.

Appy until August 14th

AI & Equality Online Course is now live!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how to fight systemic inequalities in tech and AI, this is the course for you. With five self-paced online modules, (which you can take on Circle, or for a Certificate with the Sorbonne Center for AI on the SCAI portal) you can work through the course at your own speed and join field experts for discussions and office hours along the way. 

Hear from people who've taken our course

This course is a ‘must’ for anyone who is thinking about using AI in their work. Set out in an easy to understand, step by step way, it’s an incredibly helpful guide to understanding AI and how to build AI systems that are fair and protect our human rights. This is the most useful thing I’ve read in the field.

This toolbox is great! Very credible information presented by international scholars, all tied carefully to international human rights concepts, conventions and agreements. The toolbox is the perfect connection between AI and human rights.

David Kelleher

Gender at Work