AI and Equality

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Summer School

JULY 2024

We're excited to bring you our free 
< Human Rights Toolbox > course, available for the first time as a fully accompanied learning experience

4 weeks long

3 hours per week

100% Online

Live tutoring and directed learning

Weekly check-ins + troubleshooting  with tutors and peers

We aim to:

Equip you with a detailed understanding of a human rights-based approach to AI development 

→Provide a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms currently counteracting this approach

→Introduce technical and non-technical solutions around the human rights impacts of AI systems 

→Enable you to critically analyse and reflect on the objectives and outcomes of any new technology products

→Promote collaboration between disciplines and actors


→ The creation of technology is strengthened by consultation, consensus, and diverse disciplinary perspectives, as well as the lived experiences of affected communities.

→ Impacted communities & experts from all parts of the technology and social science spectrums require a basic understanding and common vocabulary to participate in this important conversation.


Anyone with an interest in human rights and AI systems. The course has been designed for a multidisciplinary audience.

For technical participants: Code to Module 3 (and an additional Module 5) can be viewed in with a follow-along tutorial. Coding-office hours (in addition to the Hang Out Coffee Hours  to discuss questions once a week)  are also available.


4 Tuesdays  in July 2024 | 3 hours each week      

→ July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23 

→ 14.00-17.00 UTC 

Topics we'll cover:

→ Week 1. Human Rights & AI

→ Week 2. How Threats to Human Rights Enter the AI Lifecycle 

→ Week 3. Fairness Concepts & Metrics

→ Week 4. A Human Rights-Based Approach to AI Development

Teaching team

Caitlin Kraft-Buchman

CEO/Founder of Women at the Table & the A+ Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms.

Co-chair of Expert Group for 2023's UN Commission on the Status of Women - subgroup Technology & Innovation

Emma Kallina

3rd year PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Focus on stakeholder involvement for responsible AI practice.

Enrichment student at the Alan Turing Institute.

Sofia Kypraiou

Background in Data Science at EPFL.

Named one of 10 Women in Tech of Switzerland in 2023.

Developed the toolbox that the course is based on.

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