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Human Rights, Transparency, and Stakeholder Involvement in AI Accountability

In April 2023, The United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) hosted an open Request for Comment on policies to shape AI accountability. The <AI & Equality> Community came together throughout the month of May and June 2023 to produce a comment for the NTIA. 

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Authors: Anna-Maria Gueorguieva, Sinuhe Cruz, Emma Kallina, & Caitlin-Kraft Buchman

Executive Summary

This comment addresses questions of transparency, human rights, and stakeholder involvement put forth by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. We urge the NTIA to consider AI accountability through a framework of human rights. First, we address transparency & accountability through the perspective of due process. Then, we provide information on the “right to know”, urging that AI accountability measures include the requirement that individuals should be notified when an automated decision has been made about them. Finally, we conclude with information and suggestions for stakeholder involvement, a part of AI accountability that we believe to be unwaveringly necessary.

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