AI and Equality

Community Publication #1

Re-visions of 
Now and Future

This community publication provides space for authors from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to showcase new perspectives and advocate for what we want our future to look like.

Executive Summary

Our publication begins with Who Defines AI’s Future? The Role of Harmful AI Narratives, which introduces current narratives about AI and provides current good practices that work in battling harmful AI narratives. Next, Re-imagining Artificial Intelligence on the African Continent dives deeper into a geographical context, looking at the harms of AI and solutions in the African context. Similarly, two pieces, Feminist Design Framework for Envisioning Gender-Inclusive Ride-Hailing Sector and Mainstreaming Gender Perspective in AI crowd work in the Global South, use interviews and survey methodology to illustrate the nuances of AI and labor in the geographical and cultural contexts of India and Latin America. From geographic contextualization the publication then expands to a legal understanding of AI in Possibilities and Perils of Artificial Intelligence in Open-Source Human Rights Investigations.  Copyright Law in the Age of Machine-Generated Art illustrates how AI can be a tool in legal investigation and how legal frameworks in turn shape our AI tools. Finally, our publication concludes with Not Losing Ourselves to the AI Storm, a piece that (literally) illustrates how “AI lives in the past and dreams of the future” and prompts us to consider the power that we, as humans, hold as we shape the future of AI. Throughout these pieces, we are introduced to a narrative of both broad and local contexts of AI and emphasize the importance in not only theoretically identifying issues with AI, but gaining first-hand perspectives and providing solutions.

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